join a global army of independent talent

Providing leading independent agencies around the world with a “network-on-demand” at an affordable price. With 1600 agencies in over 120 countries providing your agency with support in every capability and nearly every geography.

We are collectively backing you up as one tribe, collaboratively helping you find solutions to compete on a level playing field with the big holding networks.

Joining our community expands your offer and presents assurances to prospective and existing clients. Show that you have the backing of a worldwide talent pool without losing any of your independence, agility, adaptability, flexibility or character. We have two tiers of membership – both outlined below.

We warmly welcome new agencies into our community, once we have checked their credentials and trust that they can and will deliver successful outcomes from the brands, clients and agencies we work with. We don’t just let anyone in! Every agency is carefully considered and we seek verification from a variety of sources, ensuring we would want to work with you before we recommend you to others.

Trust is a tricky thing to earn, and we take the reputation and credibility of our partners and recommendations very seriously.

We work with a number of other networks and provisions around the world, as anyone that champions the value of independent agencies and the very special creative talent they offer for clients are friends of ours.

But we are different. Because rather than offering one agency option in each country, or one suggestion of someone who works in a specialist area we have an extensive pool of over 1600 specialists which means we have:

multiple connections in each market deliver bespoke real time solutions
over twenty years of insight and knowledge of each agency’s special powers
met and vetted every single agency in our community, no rogue or forgotten agents
a bespoke concierge service to find you the right partner.

Hear from some of our members about the value of joining thenetworkone

One of the unique selling points of thenetworkone’s offer to brands and partners is that we include the very best talent in the world and offer solutions for all disciplines and sectors in every geographic market. Many of our assignments are confidential, but here are some examples of companies we have recently worked for – either directly, or for their lead agencies through a range of consumer or business to business projects:


membership options & benefits

full membership

Being a full Member of thenetworkone will enable your agency to:

  • compete on a level playing field with the big networks
  • tap into the talent in independent agencies in every country
  • receive referrals from partners in the network as a preferred choice
  • facilitated introductions to bespoke partners based on need
  • provide credentials to prospective clients meeting needs beyond your own skills
  • certify your agency with global capabilities
  • consult senior support team on strategy for pitches or to evolve your business
  • discover new talent amongst those looking to work for Indies
  • ask for support from talented founders, owners and indie leaders
  • avoid having to compromise your proud independent roots
  • find bespoke partners to find solutions to your biggest challenges
  • featured as one of our preferred agencies on our channels
  • meet and network with likeminded fiercely independent leaders
  • offered speaker opportunities at global events
  • build teams of talent with support and guidance from the best Indies in the world
  • select bespoke training for you and your teams
  • exchange team members with Indies in other counties
  • seek mentors for a specific need, level or challenge
  • secure discounted seats for virtual or in-person events tailored for Indie agencies
  • learn from the masters in the sector through introductions
  • connect team members with interest group peers in a domestic/international market
  • receive news tailored for independents showcase your own successes within the Indie community
  • opportunity to contribute to research and share amongst the Indie community
  • view on-demand content and share best practice with other agencies
  • be part of a collaborative and collective voice for independent agencies

All for $3,750 USD or £2,950 GBP or €3,500 EUR.

become an accredited agency

We understand that you might not have the need right now to seek partnerships with other agencies, we would always suggest that it is better to be proactive with your ambition and join as full Members now to prevent having to do this reactively later, but should you want to be part of our global community initially with no paid commitment then you can apply to be one of our accredited independent agencies. We vet these agencies very carefully, through a series of checks:

  • location
  • experience
  • credibility and awards
  • capabilities
  • specialisms
  • history
  • size and scale
  • seniority
  • chemistry
  • skills
  • ability to deliver against a brief
  • receive referrals from partners in the network if you have the skills required
  • opportunity to be featured on our channels
  • meet and network with likeminded fiercely independent leaders
  • select bespoke training for you and your teams
  • attend virtual or in-person events tailored for Indie agencies
  • receive news tailored for independents
  • potentially showcase your achievements with the Indie community
  • view some of our on-demand content
  • be part of a collaborative and collective voice for independent agencies

There is zero cost to becoming one of our accredited partners, but this is on an application basis to achieve this approved status.

become a trusted partner

In addition to our agencies we work with a wide range of consultants, suppliers and supporters of independent agencies. The same rules apply to our trusted partners to our accredited agencies but these are often supply chain products or services or bespoke consultancy offers. If you would like to work with us to amplify, support and develop the skills and capabilities of indie agencies then please do contact us to be considered as a trusted partner. We will refer agencies to you on a case by case basis depending on what their needs are – but in order for us to consider you for these opportunities you need to belong to our community.

This can happen on a number of levels, by supporting our activity with your expertise or unique insight, by offering specialised support or by partnering with us on one of events for example. We will work with you to see what is the best option for our collaboration.

    • recommend referrals from agencies in our community
    • offer the opportunity to be featured on our channels where appropriate
    • meet and network with independent leaders
    • consider your specialism for bespoke training
    • invite you to book our virtual or in-person events tailored for Indie agencies
    • receive news tailored for independents and the wider supply chain
    • potentially showcase your achievements with the Indie community
    • view some of our on-demand content
    • be part of a collaborative and collective voice for independent agencies

contact us here

This option is considered on a case by case basis and is on application only.

special interest groups

Our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) offer a unique opportunity for you to engage with like-minded professionals, share knowledge, amplify your collective voice, and collaboratively address industry challenges. These groups are designed to foster networking, peer learning, and the development of innovative solutions.

We are excited to introduce our initial SIG topics:


Women-Owned Agencies (Current and Aspiring)

Chief Marketing/Strategy Officers

Creative Chiefs




For more information about our groups and how to join please contact one of our team.

exchange programme

For several years thenetworkone has managed an in-person inter-agency staff exchange program for its member agencies. The program enables participating agencies in different countries to exchange employees for a few weeks.

thenetworkone exchange program is a great member benefit, which gives employees the opportunity to spend time in an agency abroad. The program lets participating agencies benefit from a cultural, ideas and skills exchange, forging links and professional friendships that would not otherwise have existed. Additionally, it’s a great reward for staff and a significant incentive to offer. The program also helps with staff retention, giving your employees the opportunity to travel whilst learning, returning with new skills and knowledge.


One of the best parts of our industry is meeting new people, networking and building relationships. For most, these relationships become valuable professional friendships with colleagues around the world with whom to learn from, share ideas with and, also support when needed.

Recently, this has become significantly easier thanks to the widespread use of video calling technology, making us all more connected than ever – at home, in the office or, travelling.

With this in mind, thenetworkone started a virtual mentoring program.

referrals & recommendations to other agencies

We have spent the last three decades meeting the very best talent in the marketing, PR, advertising and communications sector in almost every country. We know what good looks like and we only partner and work with those we have met and trust. That is the value we bring to every solution. Vetted, personal and bespoke introductions to talented people to meet your needs. If you are a Full Member and have a client need you can’t meet or pitch that you need help to prepare for, with trusted partners, then we are here to support you and just a phone call or email away through our referrals and recommendations to localised talent wherever you or your client need it.

We take a brief from you to check the location, experience, capabilities, task, availability, cultural fit and values match, capacity, conflicts and role of the partnership. Then we’ll work with you to find the right agency or provider. We’ll only ever introduce people we know, have met, trust and know well. This might consist of a variety of formats, direct to client, with or through a lead agency, a collation of skills from different types of services, or a collection of agencies in multiple territories with us or a consultant as an international account director.

We can normally provide an initial response, guidance or recommendations within a two working day time period if we have all the information we need. Traditional agency pitches from a starting RFI can take anything up to or beyond three months. Some are now taking even longer as clients take more time to commit to spend and partners in this new era of commissioning and procuring services. Contact us to understand how we might help you.

Once we receive a brief, we then use all of the insight, intel and knowledge we have about our members, accredited agencies and partners and we curate a list of recommended partners. This recommendation will be focused on who can best deliver the client or agency’s desired outcome and respond quickly, professionally and who has the talent and skills to do so successfully.

If the requester is an agency who is a Full Member, then this referral service is included in your membership. If the requester is an end Client or Brand, then we are happy to provide this service free of charge.

For agencies who are not members, we can arrange a one-off referral fee but the best value option is for you to join our community and tap into some of the many other benefits.

So what is our commercial model – it is quite simple. We are paid a fixed commission by agencies for successful business introductions, which means we don’t need to charge clients an economic cost. All agencies pay the same, which ensures our recommendations are objective.

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event programme and on-demand content

Our event offering is populated by our hugely popular anchor events such as The Indie Summit, The Indie Forum and the Indie Awards and a wider programme of webinars and on-demand content consisting of interviews, features, and partner events to ensure independent agencies are kept up to date, have access to cutting-edge information and can hear from the hottest talent in the sector.

Please see our event pages for more information about what is available to attend now.


jobs board

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learning & development

Every marketing and communications agency is a “people business.” More than half your income goes to paying your people. Your agency’s success depends on their performance. And even more, on your performance, if you are an agency leader. If you worked for a large corporate holding company, you would get – at least in theory – a centrally managed career development programme, teaching you and colleagues at every level the technical knowledge, current ways of thinking and the people skills you need to succeed. If you work for an independent agency – you don’t.

Of course, you have other benefits. You learn a broader range of skills, and you certainly learn to be faster, more agile, more able to think on your feet than your peers at Omnicom, Publicis, WPP and the rest. But however smart we are: we can always learn from other people, in our own cities and countries, and around the world.

We know there is a wide variety of free content and advertised training for agencies. What we offer is different because it is tailored specifically for independents. On this site, you will find a list of the people who have most impressed us, in their ability to work productively and empathetically with independent agency leaders and their teams. Browse through the list to find individuals and small consultancies who provide the programs that you most need: offline or online, as single sessions or as a series, depending on the content. You’ll also find the cost of each programme. It’s important to note that each program featured is self-contained and will provide the deliverable you are looking for, within the time and cost stated; although all the providers can offer additional consultancy, customised around your needs, as a follow-up.

We have five streams that our training partners fall into:

  • BUSINESS CONSULTANCY: how to achieve sustainable growth in revenue and profit, increasing your income and the value of your agency
  • CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS: how to raise your new business strike rate, improve retention and increase revenue per client
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: how to develop your own professional and leadership skills, and build those of your team – in a rewarding and collaborative environment
  • ENGAGING WITH THE OUTSIDE WORLD: developing a global perspective on cultural, economic and social developments, while acquiring technical knowledge and capabilities
  • CREATIVITY: inspirational ways to develop innovative, effective and (sometimes) award-winning work that clients will really appreciate.

All our trainers and their programmes can be found on our learn pages.